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Greetings, fellow Rippers!

Published on 13.02.2014 by

We’ve decided to make some core changes in the way we-re approaching this project and will close it down for now. We’ll be back later when we’ve made those updates and feel the time is right.

Thanks to those who contributed, and we hope to see you again soon!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Published on 31.12.2013 by

This year we have been developing the game Luna Llena: Full Moon, planned to release to the end of this year, but what a game without a release delay. The game now is to be released at the end of January 2014 or the beginning of February.

After the holidays we are also going to  announce our next project. This will be a Tactical RPG based on the popular mechanics, which won the hearts of many, but it has not yet had a decent computer game version.



Luna Llena: Full Moon Trailer has been released

Published on 30.10.2013 by

Krasnodymov Production just announced the iOS game Luna Llena: Full Moon must soon get its final look. The mobile version of the board game was presented just recently in October in Messe Essen in SPIEL game trade fair. It means the day the game application will get to  iTunes and App Store is not far off.

Let’s remind that the upcoming iPad game is a  digital version of a real board game of the same name, produced by Gen X Games. Players (can be more than one) play for a group of tourists lost in a forest, their map is stolen and two  of their friends are kidnapped (actually by werewolves). Will someone survive, be a tasty food or turn into a werewolf depends on luck and you!

The game is going to be really exciting, scary and beautiful at the same time. Now you can enjoy a trailer, that conveys an atmosphere of the game (Fantastic music!)



Visit Flash Gamm conference!

Published on 13.05.2013 by

On the 14th of May we are going to visit Flash Gamm conference in Moscow as one of the sponsors! Meet us there or make an appointment beforehand.



Design of a new game!

Published on 03.04.2013 by

Design of our new game application Luna Llena: Full Moon is being developed at full speed! As we have already mentioned before, design of an iPad game is going to be absolutely new, thus, it will differ from one of the real board game. As of today you can make sure of this yourself!

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TaleTeller — gifts for stories!

Published on 20.03.2013 by

We announce a competition for the best story, made and recorded with the help of an iOS application TaleTeller. The winner will get 100$ gift card in iTunes. 50$ and 25$ gift cards will be given for the second and the third places accordingly.

The results of the competition will be summed up in a months and submitted to the site, Facebook and Twitter.

Participants must know that by sending their stories to us, they permit to use these stories in the Internet.

 Send your story  by the 20th of April to our e-mail: competition[at]krasnodymov[dot]com.

Follow us not to miss the results:






Luna Llena: Full Moon is being developed.

Published on 20.02.2013 by

We are glad to announce that we started working on a new game application and this time it will be an adaptation of the board game Luna Llena: Full Moon by the spanish game producer Gen X Games. Find out more about the game on BGG.


TaleTeller is free!

Published on 30.01.2013 by

Our iPhone/iPad game application TaleTeller is free for a few days! Hurry up!


Confetti HD got a new review!

Published on 21.01.2013 by

iPhoneAppReview reviewed Confetti HD in detail.


Now you can watch a video review of Confetti HD!

Published on 21.01.2013 by

Watch now a detailed video app review!


The first review of Confetti HD!

Published on 16.01.2013 by

Our new iPad game application has just recently received its first review.


Promo codes for Confetti HD!

Published on 15.01.2013 by

Don’t forget to write your comment!



Welcome our new iPad game application Confetti HD!

Published on 14.01.2013 by

Confetti is a fast-paced action and fun game. A little bit of logic, a bit more attention and victory will be yours. You will have to think fast because you have only one minute for the round and you’d better not waste your precious time.

  One has to gain the most points by collecting the right cards. Each card has three circles on it of different size and color. A small, medium and big circleof the same color is a set — this grants 1 victory point.  So to get one point, you will need three different cards with circles of one color and different size. Since all cards have three circles of different color, you canget more points by combining them, for example gain two points on four cards or four points on five cards.
   The best combination is 3 points on three cards. This is so called full set. You can complete two full sets during one round an gain 6 points.
- Unique 4-player gameplay on one device
- Different card designs won’t let you get bored and new designs are coming
- Play solo and raise attention
- Play with friends or AI
- Two difficulty levels
- Fun and gorgeous design

Available in AppStore only for 0.99$!

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The first review

Published on 02.08.2012 by

Yesterday our application received the first and very positive review.


TaleTeller has finally been released!

Published on 31.07.2012 by

On the 26th of July our new game application got to the market! Here you can find it. The application has a special launch price — only 0,99 $!